Video Marketing Strategies That Works In 2018

Video marketing is now becoming an integral part of marketing strategies today. This paradigm shift is because more people are watching videos on their mobile devices daily.

Planning is required for companies to make video marketing strategies that will work in 2018. We take a look at steps you can take below:


When it comes to your video marketing strategy, you can never do enough research. Good marketing foundations are essential, but you have to keep track of the latest trends with your audience, industry, and prospects so that your content will cater to their needs.

Having a well-oiled content marketing strategy gives you a basis for your video content.  You need to think of ways to convert your content into video format.

What is the purpose of your video marketing strategy? Do you want to increase sales? Are you planning to promote your new service? Do you want to build your email list?

Coming up with answers will help you determine the type of videos that you need to produce.

Match this with the type of content that will appeal to your audience then you are now ready to go to the next step of pre-planning.


Once you have done all your research and your data is complete, your next step is to implement your research results to your video content.

Always keep in mind the goals that you have set so that your videos will focus on achieving those goals. We take a look at some examples.

You are a real estate company who wants to promote your project which is now in the pre-selling stage. Your videos need to showcase the plans and the development of your pre-selling project. You would also need to include infographics on the advantages of buying now than later showing how much they will be able to save. Aerial shots using drones would be an attractive feature in your video.  You can also show people how to get to your site location the fastest way.

You are in the retail business, and your company sells weight loss products. Your videos should be on testimonials which show before and after shots of satisfied customers. Interviews would be a good idea with customers sharing their weight loss journey. A separate video informing prospects about your product and why it helps in weight loss is also relevant.

You are a nonprofit company that helps new businesses get started. Your videos can be a webinar type which shows a weekly class that you conduct with entrepreneurs.

You also need to choose a platform where you would upload your video. You can choose from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a whole lot of other social media platforms.

Each platform will require a different approach in your video content. For example, LinkedIn would have a more professional audience while Facebook allows you to target specifically by age, gender, location, and other categories.


Now that you have a plan based on your research you can now create your video content. There are options that you can choose to save on cost.

You can self-produce videos if you have a modest budget. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment if you can’t afford it yet. Smartphones with good cameras will do just fine. You need to research on proper techniques on video production and editing.

A more expensive option is to hire a production company like press release distribution services. If you need a video that is professional quality, then this is the way to go. Going directly to a video production company is ideal if you already have your content prepared. Going through an agency is an added expense because they will outsource your video production needs anyway.


You have done your research, planned well and created your videos, now you want people to watch them.

Promote your videos on your website and social media platforms. Send out email promotions and ask your employees to share it on their personal platforms.

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