Top New CMS Plugins, December 2020

Looking for the best new CMS plugins to take your website to the next level? Well look no further. 

In this post, we’ll cover a list of the best new CMS plugins for December 2020. This article will include useful plugins for WordPress, Shopify, Craft, and Joomla. Let’s get started…


OptiPic images optimization

OptiPic is a simple WordPress plugin that allows users to easily optimize and compress images.

The plugin also returns the WebP versions of images if the web browser supports it; if the web browser does not support WebP images, OptiPic will return a compressed version of the image. It also returns responsive images on mobile screens when the website is opened on a smaller device.

The image compression and WebP conversions occur in the background, so images load fast. The plugin takes advantage of caching to speed up load times.

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